Giving Green a $100 donation = 23 full grown trees clearing the air for a year!

Giving Green a $100 donation = 23 full grown trees clearing the air for a year!

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Your donation of $100 will not only help us provide 200 meals to Canadians, but it is equivalent to 23 fully grown trees clearing the air for a year and save 175,565 liters of water!


Included with your donation: Certificate of Appreciation! Shortly after making your donation, you will receive a downloadable Certificate of Appreciation to print, share, or gift to a loved one. 


Why your gift matters: 

Your donation to Second Harvest through the Hope of Harvest Gift Catalogue will help us to rescue more food destined for the landfill. Nearly 60 percent of food produced in Canada – amounting to 35.5 million metric tons – is lost and wasted annually. Of that, 32 percent – equaling 11.2 million metric tons of lost food – is avoidable and is edible food that could be redirected to support people in our communities.

Second Harvest rescues quality surplus food from a variety of retailers, producers and delivers it, direct and free of charge, to incredible charities that can make use of it to support those in need.

By ensuring that good food is being eaten rather than going to landfill Second Harvest is minimizing food waste and saving our environment by preventing carbon emissions from polluting the atmosphere. 

Your donation will help Second Harvest become one step close to its vision of no waste, no hunger.

Can you believe this is rescued food?


Learn More About Food Waste:

Donations made to Second Harvest are eligible for a tax receipt. An electronic tax receipt will be emailed to you within approximately 10 business days of completing your order.

** Gifts made through Harvest of Hope Gift Catalogue™ are donations towards programs and designated funds in support of Second Harvest. The values, services, equipment, and programs described in this catalog are representations of Second Harvest’s programs.